Our parties are an invitation to a world of escapism.

No party is ever the same. It could be an intimate

atmospheric dinner  - it could be a pumping dance party. One thing is certain - prepare to be surprised.

Prepare for us to take you on a journey.

We know your soul craves to feel some erotic magic. Some suspense, some anticipation.

We all hunger for new sensations. All of our experiences are consent based. Allow us to create

a night where we create an ambience that will wet

your appetite for what is to come. A game, perhaps

a ritual, participate in a performance - enter a

different realm of experience. Our parties take place at different locations. There are always comfortable

play areas for those who wish to indulge. However

our parties are always real parties, feel the beat of the music, enjoy the pretty people, flirt, taste, devour - there is never any pressure  to participate

in the festivities any further than you feel comfortable. You will always be assured a delectable night in a sensuous environment.


Want to be the Master or Mistress of your emotional and erotic destiny. Want to learn how to play THE GAME at an epic level.? There are two choices - become a player or get played. With a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step, learn how to get all the juiciness you want out of life.

erotic. epic.


What  is life without an erotic heart beat? Who doesn't desire a taste of mystery, romance and seduction in their lives? Is not life a game to be played? A world to be explored. Whether you are single or a couple we invite you to enter an intoxicating world  where there is room to fulfill all your most heart felt fantasies.