Sacred Sensual Showgirl

Is back!!!

I have been teaching women the art of burlesque for coming up on 15 years. Before the pandemic, my beautiful partner Pink Champagne and I, taught live dance exercise classes called Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp.Over the past years I have taught hundreds of women not only the art of the TEASE but more importantly I have helped them use burlesque to unleash a new level of self confidence.

about sacred sensual showgirl!

I help women bring their inner showgirl, their Magical Being to life. This is something so much more than just a dance class. This is about you doing some deep digging. Who is your MB or alter ego? How do you create her from the ground up? 

How does it work?

My group program is great for newcomers. You get to dance in my troupe The Bluebell Swallows.We train for six rehearsals. I will teach you a set choreography and striptease.

We have an enormous amount of fun practicing with a wonderful group of like minded women. Rehearsals for our next show are in midtown  Manhattan in a professional rehearsal studio. Rehearsal dates are Mondays at 7pm and one Thursday right before the show: 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, 2/7,2/14 and 2/17. Rehearsal fee is $250 and costume approximately $100. To register email: and say I'm in. I accept Venmo sally-blenkey-tchassova PayPal: and CashApp and Zelle 347-248-2533. If you are interested in creating a solo let me know and I can give you options.

In the past I have mostly worked with women from the Tri-State area. The pandemic had the upside of getting us all working with a more global community. In the past I have had students commute from France, Mexico, Chicago and Virginia but for the first time ever I have set up this coaching program to allow for women from far away to easily participate.

For someone local we would meet for around 8 in person rehearsals and 4 virtual coaching sessions. HOWEVER for anyone flying in from out of state or another country I would suggest flying in to NYC at our mutual convenience for a couple of days of brainstorming and rehearsing (you leave with your Choreography on video after two intensive studio days with me) and you come back the week of the show to rehearse with the group. In between we coach/rehearse with private Zoom sessions.

why this work is so deeply cathartic?

Sacred Sensual Showgirl has been creating the most cathartic breakthroughs in women for years. Women routinely tell us this has been the most potent break through they have ever experienced. Breaking them open and setting them free in the best ways. Why??? It is a deep and multi layered experience. There is the delicious and enjoyable girly experience of bringing your showgirl to life. It is fun, exotic and sexy to dip into uber femininity.To learn the art of flirtation, seduction and strip tease. It takes enormous self discipline to put a routine together, rehearse and bring your persona to life.

Then there is the makeover aspect. You will share with me your vision of your MB. Together you and I will put that bad bitch on stage. More glamorous, more fierce than you thought possible - through bravery, costume, hair and make up. There is a huge element of transformation.

But here is the part that will get you every time. The secret sauce. The thing that makes this experience so very different from any coaching or transformative work you have ever done. You must step into the crucible to give birth to your MB. Our experience has you starring in a live NYC professional burlesque show. Not only are you taking your persona on stage, you are going to dance and perform a strip tease. I will have trained you for this to within an inch of your life. You are prepared.

Adrenalin will be at an all time high. You will very probably be nervous. Terrified maybe. Like you decided to jump out of a plane with a parachute and finally that stomach churning moment comes. YOU step into the spotlight.

The first thing every woman tells me after is "It was too short" "I want to go AGAIN!!" Do you know why? What happens in the crucible is you take all your terror, all your fear, all your self show up vulnerable, just as yourself making her MB debut, and I promise you the audience will die of love for your creation. Your femininity. Your humanity. Your absolute prefection as you are right now. I know within a shadow of a doubt the work you will do with me, crowned by that glorious experience of what you give birth to on stage, will leave you changed. You tap into a side of yourself that was always there. But some how you see yourself differently. You believe in yourself. You get it. This is not really a burlesque or dance class - it is and it isn't, it is a reinvention class. It's you really starting to trust yourself on a whole new level.