About Sally

"I see you as someone who has solved the outdated and self defeating way women normally date,which ends up leaving them  crushed and heartbroken and disempowered. So I see you as a controversial and notorious dating coach that blows all the other bs dating coaches out of the water. Maybe like a highly controversial dating coach who has created a new paradigm for how to play the dating game. Who teaches women how to leverage the dating economy in their favor. Maybe like a high powered dating advisor and consultant."

Non Leather Girl

creating change through experiences

Serafina's World is about creating a world where women fully own their confidence, beauty and sensuality. We believe that so much inequality in the world comes from living on a planet where women are raised to be sexually dumbed down and forced to conform to patriarchal values.

Beyond conventional coaching we create change through performance classes, parties, trips and more.

I specialize in coaching clients (men and women) who are looking to have more fun dating. As part of my packages I make introductions when I can. I also help married couples who are looking to explore the Lifestyle and polyamory.