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dating for sex, Money & Love: a guide to extreme dating.

What is your current method of dating? How is it working out for you? We see many of our female friends getting burned out and frustrated. Sometimes it's a sense that there are no good men out there. Sometimes it's exhaustion at dealing with a cycle of going on dates with men who misrepresent themselves, who act like they are looking for something meaningful, but really want a one night stand.Then there are self confidence issues. We go through phases where we feel invisible, too fat, too thin, too old, too whatever. It can  feel like you will never find the kind of relationship or experiences you are looking for.

Extreme Dating is a radical approach to finding the kind of love you want. Forget just going on random dates, full to the brim with good intentions: hoping to meet "the one". That is for ineffective. Our Dating Protocol is a program designed to take you on a journey. First you will get in touch with your own true desires (we provide an unusual and deep context for connecting with your deepest desires)

Next we will give you specific dating homework. You will be undergoing a period of time when you are dating to gather experiences and gain skills as opposed to dating to find "the ONE."  This is a multi-layered and very specific  guided journey.

Our book is called "Dating for Sex, Money & Love." We break down the  specific lessons of what is to be gained by dating for sex and dating for money.  We will make the case that even "dating for money" is not necessarily what you think, and most people will benefit from at least learning about it.

We will spell out for you exactly  why, how and where to date for sex and for money. We will pay great attention to your safety and your head space. Our intention is that you learn valuable lessons about yourself,  your desires, wants and needs, while at the same time decoding men. Learning to separate the men from the boys in a heartbeat. Learning new communication skills, getting truly brave, expanding your ASK. Extreme dating is about getting messy. Getting your hands dirty. Bringing your emotions into play. Allowing yourself to get triggered and feel all the feels. It is about creating meaningful change in your life. Making you ready to create healthy relationships with worthwhile people.

Because of the nature of "Dating for Sex, Money & Love"  we are proud to first launch it as an online, interactive course (as we iron out the details of print publication.) The course lasts ten weeks. Each week you will receive one chapter of the book with a link to an online complimentary webinar where Sally & Francisco, co-founders of Serafina's World, expand on the chapter and go over each week's homework. In addition there will be a weekly live Zoom call which will serve as a space for specific Q & A's. You will also be invited to join our private Extreme Dating FB page which is a space for answering questions and being supported.  The next course will launch Friday November 22nd. Materials will be released Friday evenings and the optional live Q & A will take place Tuesdays at 7pm and will be recorded. You can send in Q's if you are not able to attend the call.

Students  may join after November 22nd and will be sent the materials in order. However the benefit of joining with the group on time is you will have a community of women to go through the journey at the same time as you.

This course was created with  all  women who date men in mind.

Course investment: $249

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and personal checks. For further info  email or call (347) 248-2533.