extreme Dating: the love edition
Online course & early access to our new book:

Here we are at a time like nothing any of us have ever experienced. We are practicing social distancing and quarantine. It is easy to feel isolated and lonely and give in to fear and depression. Many of us are feeling very tender and vulnerable right now. The standard forms of dating are out the window for the time being. However, for those of you whose heart yearns for a profound love connection, we are here to tell you that this is actually a perfect time to create deep and meaningful connections. Everything is perspective. Time, space and distance can actually be the perfect environment for planting the seeds for love. The whole premise of our book "Extreme Dating" is how to create beautiful love relationships. How to make yourself full. How to NOT wait to be picked.

We are so thrilled to be launching THE LOVE EDITION. This is a special 4 week class for the month of April where we will show you 1. how to focus on finding dating for love candidates. 2. How to initially engage them. 3. The four step recipe for getting ANYONE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. 4. The art of sensual communication including the art of writing love letters and sexting.  In our coaching circle we will help each student with their individual love prospects. For new students we will also be assigning you our book to read. There are perspectives you can benefit from even if it is not the time to go out and physically date. Love with a slow simmer can totally rock your world. Inmates and the armed forces have been doing it for  years. The truth is you have the power. We want to teach you all the tricks in the Extremists bible. We want you to be armed and dangerous, able to hunt mate and capture like a mother fucker - even while on lockdown. YES. YOU are that powerful.

We will be sending out class material on Mondays (short reading materials and a video) and we will meet via Zoom on Wednesdays at 8pm (these calls will be recorded.) We will meet Wednesdays April 8, 15, 22 and 29. Class fee is $125 - payable by PayPal, Venmo and CashApp. To register text Sally @ 347 248 2533.

are you ready to change your love life?