join us at

wynn, las vegas

Weds 4/29 - Sun 5/3

Check in Weds 4/29 and convene at 5pm for our first meet and greet salon. We stay at the ultra glamorous Wynn.

Included: 4 nights acommodation, breakfast salons.

Afternoons and evenings will be spent in the field using Vegas as our dating laboratory with your coaches Sally & Francisco. Learn the specific skill sets of dating for sex, money and love.

Our clients are not all single, many married women or women in  relationship also seek our advice in keeping their love life stoked.

Shared acommodation (2 queens) from $2250 per person. Private acommodations from $2995

call or text (347) 248-2533 to set up an exploratory call.

Got game?

Sex, Money, Love
comes to Las vegas

A retreat for women who want to master GAME and get all the juicy goodies they want from life. Sally & Francisco teach a method called "Extreme Dating." We know different women want different things

from life. While one woman wants a stable of lovers, another wants one authentic love. We believe that the way most people approach dating can be ineffective. So much dating is online, people have lost the ability to flirt and make connections in real life. When it comes to online dating, it is often hard to decipher profiles, to know which ones are real and which ones are a front.

In extreme dating we teach the art of having GAME. We have a very specific process. 1) uncovering the deepest inner emotions you want to feel in relationship. 2) developing your ENIGMA in the world to attract. 3) Learning to date for specifically for sex. 4) Learning specifically to date for money.

(there are legions of specific reasons for both.)

Armed with a whole new set of skills to do with connecting, asking and receiving we tackle 5) the foundation of a healthy love relationship.

There can be no better place than Sin City to get our flirting, dating and seducing boots dirty. Everyday we will have morning breakfast salons to work on specific  aspects of Extreme Dating. Our afternoons and evenings will be spent in the field using Vegas as our dating, flirting and seducing laboratory. Sally and Francisco will have a chance to coach you in real time on developing your skills and game.

The dynamic of this trip  is a safe space to unfold your true desires and time and space to experiment, get messy and practice Extreme Dating skills in a place where you are unknown, there are a million men and you can practice the art of "giving zero fucks." 

An average day might look like: 10am to 12.30pm morning salon on the subject of how to date for money.  12.30 - 2pm break for lunch. 2- 5pm flirtation and seduction practice at the european pool.  5pm Disco nap. 8pm cocktails followed by dinner and field work in either the casino or nightclub. 12am (optional) cuddle puddle.