The secrets of the cleopatra card?

Whenever a coaching client is in a crisis of heartbreak they want to know what is that one word or trick that will rescue the situation. Is there ever one word or trick? In Sally language, playing The Cleopatra Card is having an arsenal of skills, an understanding of the man woman game.

This year in the new session of Year Sensuale I am going way deeper into the Cleopatra Card secrets.I'm really noticing that developing a kinky mindset and having an understanding of shadow work can help you in the way you place your attention and receive experiences. Cleopatra Card work  is what makes things  happen. Like Queen Cleopatra, owning what you want and stepping up and making  it happen.

An Accountability Group for a group of queens intent on stirring up their love and business lives in the sexiest ways

Welcome to the Sallyverse. If you have been on my calls or in my classes you know I lead an interesting life. I've had some wonderful businesses, dancing, a salon filled with celebrity clients, got my own beauty products on QVC. Several reality TV stints. I have my own burlesque troupe,throw a party and am in the process of opening a night club. In the last six years I went on a crazy adventure learning to date for sex, money and love. I am looking for MY NEXT GROUP OF BABES who want to be in my accountability group where we get to make our big dreams come. Can you handle it?

 April 2021 I kicked off my very first Year Sensuale  for a diverse group of single and partnered women. It was an immersive social experiment. A chance to experiment with the parts of my material that interest you. Although you may have heard me talking about dating for sex, or navigating the world of  sugar daddies - I lay out all the material that partnered  women can also benefit from it.In my 2021 group of women, I have one married woman who reconnected with her sugar daddy from twenty years ago, with her husband's permission. They say their marriage has never felt this good. Another woman was interested in exploring dating for money to learn to flex her asking muscle for business. Her boyfriend realized he wasn't cool with it and stepped up his game romantically to claim her. All kinds of things have happened in the amazing year we are wrapping up. The point is you pick the parts you want to focus on. This is not about getting wildly outside your comfort zone unless you are truly ready. I am very protective of people's relationships.

The foundation of my teaching has eight building blocks. 1. Deciphering the feelings you are really looking to experience. 2. Creating your Magical Being, or alter ego if you will, to help you be braver and bolder. 3.Creating your platforms. Platforms are like big sparkly fishing nets that advertise to the world what you want from life. 4.Learning babysteps in communication. 5. Here's the first scary one: dating for sex. Specifically dating to curate beautiful free standing erotic experiences for yourself without feeling like a fourteen year old girl who had half a glass of champagne on an empty stomach. 6. Second scary one. Dating for money. This one is about learning to ask for things, in a way that is comfortable to you. It's about speaking up, learning power dynamics, and meeting different types of men on your journey. A huge part of this process is having different experiences. Allowing experiences and interactions to be your teacher.Rough and smooth. 7. Big and interesting one: learning the Cleopatra Card steps. See side bar.8. You might presume this would be dating for Love? Instead insert just dating to have a good time. The lessons 1- 7 will have done their magic. No need to mess things up with the drama of too much intention. Allow your magic and womanly enigma to go out into the world and enjoy herself. If you have put yourself through the paces, you have met different types of men. Had different experiences some good, some grimy. Your natural internal compass will show you your true north. Having learned the secrets of playing the Cleopatra Card you will be armed and savvy with the skills to close any deal you want to.

A final, extremely important ingredient: all of the above steps must  be accomplished within a cocoon of exceptional pleasure and self care. Attention must be paid to the care, feeding, delight and deliciousness of your life. You must slow down and be present to every moment of the experience. This year is intended as a massive pleasure infusion and reset for your life.


The  Year Sensuale kicks off Tuesday April 5th 2022.

We will meet weekly for one hour via Zoom at 7pm EST. There will be a private FB group to cheerlead and document everyone's journey. There will be regular prompts to ensure we are all being present to a year of luxurious sensuality.

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